Product Specification
      Design and Manufacture the Many Kind and Small Quantity Exp Aluminum alloy casting parts are
       posible by this Technology. 
      Complicated figure Aluminum alloy casting parts are posible to produce without Casting Die.
      Minimum tickness of part is 0.3mm.
      Most suitable technology to the parts for the anti electromagnetic ,heatsink and part for strength.
      Product Process
      1 Produce the Plastic master model by Plastic Part Molding Die System.
      2 Produce the Plaster Die which is bured the Plastic Master Model.
      3 Dissolve the Plastic Master Model inside the Plaster Die by solvent.
      4 Inject the Alminum Alloy into the space of the Plastic Master Model and cool down.
      5 Take out the Casting Part from the Plaster Die.

   Heatsink           Unification Part              Outer Panel

Reference Casting Part

Part Size:75mm×71mm×19mm
Minimum Thickness:0.5mm
Reference Price(At Aug.2002)
   n=1  74,700 JPY
   n=10 22,700 JPY
Price changes with Hole diameter、Allowance of Hole Position
and Profile irregularity of Part surface..