Molded Sample Parts

         Cavity            Coa      Assembled to the Mother Die    Molded Part

Product Specification
    1 Cavity and Coa made from Plastic Material ( Composite of Organic and Inorganic material ) which
      is developed by Otsuka Chemical Co.,LTD.
    2 Cavity and Coa manufactures by high speed MC machine. The cutting speed is more than 5,000rpm.
      The cutting speed is desireble 30,000rpm.
    3 Use the removable coa or slide coa for the under cut figure of the part.
    4 Grant the Corner R ( Radius of Cutting Tool ) to coner of the part. If required tha right angle to the
      part, use the assembled Cavity or Coa.
    5 Posible to use the Metalic Coa and Metalic Pin with Plastic Cavity and Coa.
    6 The Molding Material is posible to use the many kind of Plastic in the Market.
    7 The Duarability depends on the Part figure and material. Appox Min 50 shots to Max 1,000 shots.
    8 Cavity and Coa has no Stain and the Weight is appox 60% of the Aliminum material.
    9 Part size is approx 100mm×80mm×50mm. Small part is better.