1 Air Plane Miniature Model Design and Production

   Design the model in scal 1/32 including engine and small parto of cockpit inside. Prduce the all
   parts by the Plastic Molding Technology and the Metal Machining Technology.
   Assembled and Painting also Marking in our plant.   

2 OA Equipment Design and Production
   Design the OA Equipment with Specification of Customer and Produce the Explimental Model .
   Design is completed with Cooperator by a field of professional area.

3 Plastic Part Molding System

   Use the Plastic Material ( Composite of organic and inorganic matrial ) to Cavity and Core .
   The Plastic Material is developed by Otsuka Chenical and is posible to cutting by high speed
    MC machining.
   Machining time is shorter than Aluminum and other material for Cavity and Core.
   Assemble this Cavity and Core to the Mother Die and mold the Parts that the Designer requessted
    Plastic Material by Injection machine.

4 Aluminum Alloy Casting System

   Main Process
    Product the Plastic Master Model by Plastic Molding System.
    Product the Plaster Die which is bured the Plastic Master Model.
    Dissoluve the Plastic Master Model inside the Plaster Die by solvent.
    Inject the Aluminum Alloy to the space of Plastic Master Model.
    Take out the Casting Part from the Plaster Die.